• We take placement very seriously at Springfield Dance. We use a combination of age, ability, maturity and socialization when placing a child in a particular class. We want every child to have a positive and rewarding experience.

STUDIO etiquette

  • We are a chewing gum free facility!

  • If you can eat it or drink it, keep it in the lobby

  • Entertainment is our business. We do our very best to engage every child in class in a positive manner. If they are having an “off” day, we may invite them to take a moment to collect themselves and join us when they are ready

  • The only shoes we wear in the Studios are dance shoes.  Please strip down to socks or bare feet before walking through the dance rooms


  • Ladies –

    • Ballet...leotard (see below for color), pink tights, pink ballet shoes

    • Modern...leotard and footless tights;

    • Jazz...comfortable clothing (leotard preferred) and black jazz shoes 

    • Tap…Creative Movement through Pre-Pointe levels and all specific tap classes participate in tap and should have black tap shoes.

    • Hip Hop…comfortable clothing and barefoot

    • Musical Theatre…comfortable clothing and black jazz shoes

    • Tumbling…leotard and shorts or a shorty unitard and barefoot

    • Hair…pulled back securely off the face

  • Gentlemen – T-shirt and loose comfortable pants or shorts

    • Ballet…black ballet shoes

    • Modern…barefoot

    • Jazz… black jazz shoes

    • Hip Hop…barefoot

    • Musical Theatre…comfortable clothing and black jazz shoes

    • Tumbling…t-shirt, shorts and barefoot

  • Adults – Loose comfortable clothing

    • Ballet…pink ballet shoes

    • Tap…tap shoes— may wear jazz taps or character taps, depending on preference

    • Hip Hop…barefoot

Ballet class colors


  • Toddler & Littles...any colored leotard and tights

  • Prancin’ Preschoolers...Light Pink Leotard

  • Mini Movers...light blue leotard

  • Junior Level 1...burgundy leotard

  • Junior Level 2 (Pre-Pointe)...hunter green leotard

  • Pointe leotard

We invite you to explore our dancewear boutique. We carry a full line of dancewear and shoes, appropriate for each class as well as accessories to enhance your dance experience. We are an authorized Russian Pointe dealer and will expertly fit your dancer in their pointe shoes. We conduct pointe shoe fittings by appointment on Wednesday, from 4pm to 6:30pm and Friday, from 4pm to 5:30pm.

Follow us on Social Media to get our weekly boutique specials!


Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class.  We ask parents (or caregivers) to escort younger children to the teacher (waiting at the door). If a student is attending a make up lesson, please notify the teacher which class the child typically attends. 


Summer Observation takes place during the last class of the session.

Parents are encouraged to observe class during the season:

  • Nov. 1-7

  • Feb. 1-7

  • May 1-7 (last 10 minutes of RECITAL portion of class)

Parents are asked to wait in the lobby area while class is in progress, with the exception of the special observation days.  Enjoy our Coffee Barre while catching up on HGTV and waiting for your student.


  • Our season is set up on a 36 week cycle and each day of the week attends the same number of classes in the session. Tuition is based on 9 equal payments. Make up lessons are not necessary for the below scheduled holidays:

  • 2019/2020

    • Thurs., Oct. 31 --Halloween

    • Wed., Nov. 27th - Sun., Dec. 1st –Thanksgiving

    • Mon., Dec. 23rd - Wed., Jan. 1st - Winter Break

    • Fri., Apr. 10th- Mon. April 13th - Spring Break

  • We are in session during all other holidays, even if the schools are not in attendance.


Springfield Dance will only close for weather related issues in extreme cases. Because we are not in the hub of the city, our roads do tend to get snowy and icy more quickly than studios in town. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we will close if the streets are impassable. We will post notifications on our private Facebook Page (MAKE SURE YOU JOIN!!!), on our website announcement banner, send an email and change our voicemail if classes will be cancelled. When the schools close for cold weather, we will remain in attendance. In the event of a weather related cancellation, make up lessons are strongly encouraged.