Fall Schedule

Our Fall Session runs September-May —much like the traditional school year. We begin the Wednesday after Labor Day and wrap up with our Dance Recital the Tuesday before Memorial Day.

Check the online schedule for a current list of classes.

Summer schedule

The Summer Session for Springfield Dance is always a really unique time for our Springfield Dance Family. Because the students are out of school and not as focused during the summer, we use this opportunity to dive into the creative side of class, learning aspects that are more theatrical and a little less technical. We incorporate props, stories, history, nutrition and lots of entertainment.

Children under age 7 spend the summer diving into fairytales and imagination, learning pantomime, expression and acting along with their dance skills. Older children are introduced to dance history and improvisation in order to enhance their dance training. All of these elements are very important to performance on every level, and help the children thrive artistically.

Our summer session is billed as one charge for the 7 week session.


Tuition figures are based on the number of hours in which each student participates per week. Registered students pay a registration fee, which guarantees a spot in class. Class cards may be purchased for adult level classes, which will allow the student to take any adult level class without registering or paying the registration fee. Adults pay a monthly “membership” and enrolling in one class allows the student to take unlimited adult classes during the month. Classes start at $10 per week.