#WhyWeDance episode: 1

Courtney and Ranger in Charleston, South Carolina

Courtney and Ranger in Charleston, South Carolina

Every dancer has a solid reason for dancing. For some it is social, others it is mental or emotional. No matter what the reason is for dancing, we all have one thing in common: we just have to.

In this series, we have interviewed past dancers and asked them their reasons, and what dance means to them.

This week, our spotlight is on Courtney Vorachek. I started teaching Courtney when she was just nine years old. She was a very vibrant young dancer with so much drive, ambition and spunk. She left a lasting impression on me the very first day I taught her. She remained a student at Springfield Dance through all of high school and was also a member of the Springfield Ballet Company, dancing many lead roles. This is her story.

SD: How do you incorporate dance into your adult life?

CV: I am the proud owner of The Barre Code in Charleston, South Carolina where I instruct classes and put my dance skills to use everyday. I incorporate the fundamentals of ballet into my classes and demonstrate top notch technique acquired in training since a child with Spring Dance. My studio offers cardio kickboxing that involves intense choreography, barre strength, total body conditioning and restoration/stretching classes - all of which incorporate the ballet barre.

SD: What is a life lesson that you learned in dance that is applicable to your adult life? Dance is discipline.

CV: Dance gives you grace. Dance gives you confidence. Dance taught me to work hard for the things that you want in life as nothing comes easy. Ballerinas work hard at everything they do!

SD: What does your exercise/stretching regimen look like today?

CV: I teach 12 Barre Code classes a week along as well as try to take at least 3 classes a week from one of my other instructors. My team is awesome, I LOVE taking their classes! I do HIIT as well strength and also stretch! I love working out hence why I opened my own fitness business in an amazing city!

SD: What is your favorite memory from your dance days?

CV: I love all the special friends that I made at Springfield Dance. I am still friends with the girls today even though we live in different states. Anytime we come to together our dance memories make us feel like we were never apart. I also have an older sister who is my best friend and danced as well. We grew up spending hours at the studio and LOVED every minute of it. Dance is our passion and our love. It was so fun sharing a passion with my sister and best friend.

SD: What made your family choose Springfield Dance for you?

CV: We lived close by - but it was a love for Miss Ronda along with her strong instruction and generous love for children. Miss Ronda is encouraging and loves to see growth in children through dance.

SD: If there was one thing you would change about your dance experience, what would that be

CV: Ok ready for some honesty....that my dance bag would not have smelled haha! My sister would tease me because my pointe shoes smelled bad and we would have to put them in the trunk when she drove us home!

SD: How did dance shape you as a person?

CV: Dance has given me confidence, grace, discipline and drive. I love the way I carry myself due to ballet and find that I am a compassionate person due to my many years in training as a dancer.

SD: What is one piece of advice that you wish you could go back and give to your younger self?

CV: Live in the moment. Don't worry so much about what is to come. You can spend time worrying about the future and planning but things don't often go as planned. Continue to dream big as one day you will reach your dreams...you will be the Snow Queen....you will embark on a career you LOVE...you will be happy!

SD: Do you think dance is important for children; if so, why?

CV: YES! Dance is incredibly important for children. Dance gives them an outlet of expression. Dance teaches them discipline and listening skills. Dance provides movement skills essential for life. Dance provides confidence. I do not have children but when I do they will take dance.

SD: What would you love to see Springfield Dance do more?

CV: I live so far away, so this one is hard to answer, but my answer is expand to Charleston!!!!