BABY STEPS this baby & me class focuses on motor skill development-both gross and fine, while bonding with baby and even a nice little workout for YOU!

TWIRLIN' TODDLERS this toddler and me class for the 18-36 mo kiddos is the perfect introduction to movement.  The main focus is gross motor skill development while learning basic dance moves and exploring creativity.

LEAPIN' LITTLES is the perfect bridge between Twirling Toddlers and Prancing Preschoolers! This class is for the 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 year olds, building on the skills in Twirling Toddlers, but without YOU!

PRANCIN' PRESCHOOLERS is a level designed with the energy and the dramatic flair of the preschooler! ACRODANCE & BALLET/TAP COMBO classes included in this level.

MINI MOVERS level is for the 5 & 6 year olds-Kindergarten and First Graders. As the kiddos reach school age, their attention span expands and they are ready to MOVE! Classes offered in this level are ACRODANCE, BALLET/TAP COMBO & HIP HOP.

✨JAMMIN' JUNIORS is a level for those TWEENS going on 20! The age range of this level is 7-11 and it includes ACRODANCE, HIP HOP, BALLET/TAP/JAZZ COMBO (Level 1 for the 7 & 8 year olds) and PREPOINTE/TAP/JAZZ COMBO (Level 2 for the 9-11 year olds-by placement).

  • Note on Prepointe: PREPOINTE is a class that is a perfect bridge between being in ballet shoes and going en pointe.

✨BEGINNING, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED levels are for the more serious dancer, ages 11 & up. Many classes are offered in these levels that are by placement only: BALLET, POINTE, TAP, JAZZ, MODERN, HIP HOP

ADULT/TEEN level encompasses all types of dance and fitness for students of all ability levels.

A la Carte Classes

✨MUSICAL THEATRE: Children love to sing, dance and explore their DRAMATIC flare! Musical theatre is just the class for this! We learn acting, singing and putting it all together with movement.  Children interested in auditioning for community theatre should really consider this class to nail down the basics and be ready for that next audition.  This class not only helps with audition skills but the actors get the chance to participate in an annual mini-production at the end of the season! 

✨ACRODANCE is the perfect marriage of dance and tumbling! Working with the fundamentals of strength, flexibility, dance and tumbling, Acrodance is offered before and after each leveled age group.

 Please email admin@springfielddance.com for a full class brochure, or give us a call to find the best fit for you!